Zion National Park BLM Lands Boondocking

BLM Lands Boondocking

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Address Management
Mount Carmel Junction, Utah
GPS: 37.249128, -112.778939
Elevation: 6047′
Bureau of Land Management
The BLM Lands Boondocking road in is Dirt and one miles from a paved road. BLM Lands East of Zion NP South of Highway 9 is open all year. You may stay 14 days at BLM Lands East of Zion NP South of Highway 9.

There are several BLM roads south of Highway 9. Heading west from Mount Carmel Junction about six miles. Turn off on any of the BLM roads and drive back about one mile off of Highway 9. Dispersed camping overlooking Burnt Flat Gultch. Much nicer than the developed campgrounds in and around Zion NP.

Best Review

This is probably one of my favorite BLM sites to date. Decided on this site after staying in Zion for two nights and then heading to Bryce canyon on a whim afterwards.

-The road in is super bumpy, but mostly smooths out once you’re in the site

-This campsite is HUGE! There’s an initial clearing with some inlets for you to go into, but if privacy is your thing, don’t stop there! keep following the path and you’ll be sure to find a large variety of spots and clearings to choose from.

-It was snowing, so I ended up camping in my car, a first for me in such weather! I was nervous but excited to try it. I found a site next to a tree for some shelter and strung up a tarp for some coverage getting in and out without getting covered with snow, and I put some rocks around my wheels so I could break away any potential ice that formed. Needless to say I survived the expedition, with some gorgeous morning after photos

-REALLY great takeoff point for the north side of Zion. It puts you only a few miles away from the entrance. As cool as camping in Zion proper was, it was PACKED. Though it might have been because of the snow, this site was hardly occupied, and regardless offers a lot of room between campsites so you have no chance of feeling like you’re on top of each other.

-ended up accidentally leaving a couple small wooden folding tables, so if you’re reading this and you found them, I hope they weren’t too badly warped by the water for you to get some use out of them!

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