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Eagle Rock Access

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Address Management
American Falls, Idaho
GPS: 42.708459, -112.937603
Elevation: 4327′
State Park
Beautiful dispersed camping along the Snake River. Instead of staying the night, we relaxed in a “campsite” beside the muddy road.

Best Review:

We arrived late, and there was no visible indication of where to camp other than a sign that said “Sportsman Access.” This Craters Of The Moon boondocking locations roads are dirt and poorly maintained, which is great for a car on its own but dangerous when towing our frame pop-up trailer. We awoke to the sound of gunshots, which we assumed signaled good bird hunting. We could hear the river from where we were parked, but we didn’t think it was safe to walk there because we didn’t know where the hunters were and didn’t want to be shot by mistake. The gunshots began around 7 a.m. and continued for several hours until we left. Although the location is not particularly private, we were grateful for the lovely place to spend the night.

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