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Grizzly Creek Rest Stop

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Address Management
Declo, Idaho
GPS: 42.50478, -113.40832
Elevation: 4478′
Rest Area
The road in is Paved. The maximum RV length at Grizzly Creek Rest Stop is unlimited.

Best Review:

We stayed at the Grizzly Creek Rest Stop, which is located just before the No Name Rest Stop, and it was fantastic! Many people spend the night in cars. A boat dock, beautiful clean facilities, a river, hiking trails, walking paths, and a train that runs through the mountains are all available. I’m not sure why it isn’t listed; perhaps I overlooked it. I didn’t notice any signage prohibiting overnight stays. I stayed in a 23′ travel trailer.

Activities: Amenities
RV Parking Boat Ramp
Near Water
Pets Welcome
Picnic Tables
Trash Cans


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