Craters Of the Moon Boondocking

Hayspur Hatchery

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Address Management
Carey, Idaho
GPS: 43.336636, -114.146408
Elevation: 4877′
Fish and Wildlife
The entrance road to this Craters Of The Moon boondocking spot is paved. Seasonally, Hayspur Hatchery is open. This location has 6-15 campsites with a maximum RV length of various sizes. Hayspur Hatchery allows you to remain for 16 days.

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There are many sites with fire rings, picnic tables, water hydrants, pit toilets, and flat ground. There is a lake where you may go trout fishing. A public campground, a Family Fishing Water (Gavers Lagoon), and a trophy stream fishery are all managed by the hatchery. Many people come to Gavers Lagoon, Butte Creek, Loving Creek, or Silver Creek to camp and fish (across the highway). Fishing for trout at Gavers Lagoon is ideal for physically challenged people and children. Gavers Lagoon is stocked with rainbow trout on a regular basis from May to September, with a six-fish limit and no gear limitations.

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