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Horseshoe Lake Idaho Boondocking

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Address Management
Ashton, Idaho
GPS: 44.16152, -111.10532
Elevation: 6519′
Forest Service
The road in is Gravel. There are 6-15 campsites at this location.

Nice location with several nice campsites, some by the lake and some more private sites just above. There are bear boxes and rock fire rings, but no other services provided. The gravel road was in good shape except for a couple of potholes, could easily be driven with 2wd.

Best Review:

These campsites were great. My friend and I were on a road trip from CA and went middle of July. Bear boxes provided but we weren’t able to get the ice chest to fit with the food box. Luckily we didn’t have any issues with wildlife. Except for MOSQUITOES so make sure you have your bug spray. Road to get out there is around 10 miles on a dirt road, high clearance definitely recommended and get gas prior if you’re low. The sites are right next to the lake that’s GREAT for fishing.

Activities: Amenities
None Listed Fire Ring
Near Water
Pets Welcome

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