Canyon Of the Ancients Boondocking

Hovenweep Boondocking CR203A

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Address Management
Montezuma Creek, Utah
GPS: 37.43019, -109.06628
Elevation: 5453′
Bureau of Land Management
The road in is Dirt. There are 1-5 campsites at this Canyon of the Ancients boondocking location and the maximum RV length is 35 feet. You may stay 14 days at Hovenweep Boondocking CR203A.

Best Review:


Parked at this campsite right now with four bars of AT&T 4G. It is precisely as described. You get a loop into which as others have rightly said you could get four or five small rigs. There are some fresh tire and shoe impressions up here, but I bet this place never sees more than one or two campers at a time.

Other reviews suggest continuing on to a flat spot under some cottonwoods by a junction about a mile and a half past this place. There’s no wireless service down there, and the ground was covered with trash. Better to stay at the GPS coordinates provided.

This would be a swell place to lay up for a couple of days so you can fully do Hovenweep. Less than a mile back to the main road and turn right. Painted Hand Pueblo and the Lowry Pueblo in Colorado are to your left.

Activities: Amenities
RV Parking
Tent Camping
Wildlife Viewing
None Listed


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