6 Mile Cove Boondocking

6 Mile Cove Boondocking  locations offer you a beautiful place at the lake. For any of the free boondocking areas a pass is required to enter the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. A Federal Interagency pass will get you in. Otherwise it is $10 for 7 days and $30 for a yearly pass. There are about 6 little beachspots around here. The first you enter can get super crowded according to some locals, especially in the weekends. The other beaches are more remote and quiet. Definitely take a swim in the lake, really nice.

1. Location and Accessibility:

6 Mile Cove Boondocking  locations are situated on the northern shore of Lake Mead, a reservoir on the Colorado River.

Accessible via Northshore Road (Nevada State Route 167), which runs alongside the lake and provides access to several boondocking sites.

2. 6 Mile Cove Boondocking Locations:

Boondocking refers to camping in self-contained setups without hookups, often in remote or undeveloped areas.

The 6 Mile Cove Boondocking  locations offer dispersed camping, allowing visitors to choose their own camping spots within designated zones.

It provides a rustic and natural camping experience, with no formal amenities like water, electricity, or restrooms available.

3. Permits and Regulations:

The 6 Mile Cove boondocking locations fall under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service (NPS) as part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Visitors are required to obtain an entrance pass to the recreation area, which supports conservation efforts and park maintenance.

Campers must adhere to NPS regulations, including respecting quiet hours, campfire restrictions, waste disposal guidelines, and respecting the natural environment.

4. Scenic Surroundings and Activities:

The location offers stunning views of Lake Mead, surrounded by desert landscapes and rocky terrain. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in activities such as hiking, birdwatching, fishing, and water-based recreational activities on the lake.

Nearby attractions include the Valley of Fire State Park and the Hoover Dam, adding to the recreational options for visitors.

5. Preparation and Safety:

Since the 6 Mile Cove Boondocking  locations areas lack amenities, campers need to bring their own supplies, including ample water, food, camping gear, and necessary equipment.

The desert climate can be harsh, with high temperatures during the day and cooler nights. Adequate sun protection, hydration, and appropriate clothing are essential.

Campers should be aware of wildlife presence and practice responsible wildlife interaction, including proper food storage to prevent attracting animals.

6. Weather and Seasons:

The weather in the Lake Mead area can be hot during the summer months, with temperatures often exceeding 100°F (37.8°C).

Spring and fall offer more moderate temperatures, making them popular times for camping. Winter temperatures can be cooler, especially during the evenings, and occasional rainfall may occur.

Overall, the 6 Mile Cove boondocking areas near Lake Mead provide a back-to-nature camping experience within the scenic backdrop of the Nevada desert and the lake, catering to outdoor enthusiasts seeking self-sufficiency and adventure.

For an off-the-beaten-path experience, camp at Six Mile Cove! Located on Lake Mohave, Six Mile Cove is about 3 miles (via lake) south of Cottonwood Cove.

The cove can be accessed by a dirt road from Cottonwood Cove Road. Turn off Hwy 95 onto Cottonwood Cove Road for 6.8 miles. Turn right onto Mead Davis Powerline Rd. Drive down this dirt road for around 3/4 mile and turn left onto Six Mile Cove Rd. You'll reach the cove in 6.5 miles.

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