Spencer Hot Springs BLM Boondocking

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The road into the Spencer Hot Springs BLM Boondocking area is gravel and 6 miles from a paved road. There are 5 or more campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 40'.

While some out-of-staters may disregard central Nevada's Big Smoky Valley as just another "sagebrush sea," seasoned hot springs enthusiasts—or super-soakers, as we like to call them—are aware that one of the most reliable hot spring soaks in the Silver State is buried in these foothills.

For thousands of years, American Indians have been taking advantage of these verdant springs that are quite prominent throughout central Nevada. While hot springs are prevalent in the area, the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages Spencer's cluster of natural springs on public land. The land is accessible to all and open to the public, and over the years, hot spring stewards have made modest but significant improvements to the area.

Spencer Hot Springs offers three (occasionally four) bathing places filled with natural spring-fed hot water that is piped directly into the tubs. Even cooler, you can control the temperature by moving the water source in and out, allowing you to heat your bath regardless of the season.


Take hwy 50 east out of Austin, Nevada. Turn right onto Hwy 376 then take first left turn onto a gravel road that leads to some caves and a free campground. There is signage at the beginning of this gravel road about the caves. Travel about 5 miles on this gravel road and you will come to a well defined dirt road on the left. Take this dirt road about 1 mile or a little bit more and then you will have to stop and get out and look for the hot tubs. They are slightly hidden on this hilltop.

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