Zion National Park North Creek Boondocking

North Creek Boondocking

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Address Management
Virgin, Utah
GPS: 37.220478, -113.161531
Elevation: 3606′
The road in is Dirt and 0.1 miles from a paved road. There are 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 15 feet.

Best Review

I stayed here for three nights, in a Jeep and a tent. I changed sites each night because I didn’t want to leave my tent there. The creek is really beautiful and the sound is nice to fall asleep to.

There are definitely more than 6-15 sites than originally reported. I would say at least 30-40, though some have probably been created by those that showed up late and found all the other sites full.

I would stay here again because it’s free, but I didn’t find it that enjoyable because of the amount of people and the lack of respect for the site. There was a lot of trash, one evening the two van inhabitants next to me openly discussed if it was too early to do the last bit of their coke. You do you man, but don’t discuss it so loudly and openly when there are children around please! Same two folks left a pizza box on their firepit and a large bag of trash up in a tree. Another set of campers kindly disposed of it for them.

I would suggest getting there before 5pm if you want a spot by the creek. Get there any later and you will definitely be camping within close proximity to a fire ant mound, they are pretty rampant.

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