Zion National Park Sheep Bridge South Boondocking

Sheep Bridge South Boondocking

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GPS: 37.170866, -113.249931 National Park Service
The road into the  Sheep Bridge South Boondocking area is Gravel and 1 from UT59; 4 from UT9 miles from a paved road. Sheep Bridge South is open All year. There are 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 35 feet. You may stay 14 days at Sheep Bridge South.

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I gave it a good rating because the camping is fine even when people are jerks: Read the sign when you leave the pavement carefully, and you will find you can ONLY camp behind a numbered brown campsite stake. There is a map showing all the sites, which all have numbers and metal fire rings. No camping is allowed anywhere else. “Dispersed” usually means “wherever you like”, and that is NOT the case here.

Lots of great sites off Sheep Bridge Road. The area is all just sagebrush desert, but surrounded by striking sandstone cliffs. As other reviews mentioned, there are clearly marked designated sites and a lot of unofficial pull out sites. Most of the campers are along the main road in unofficial sites. The best sites are off the main road in official sites. Some of the campsite roads are a little rough, but we had no trouble towing a 23′ trailer. Beautiful site. Super quiet. Great cell signal. Easy access to Zion NP (20 min to Springdale). Surprising bonus! Virgin Falls Park off Sheep Bridge Road just S of UT9 is a great place to access the river. Really nice to go splash in the river after a warm morning hiking in Zion. Highly recommended

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