Craters Of the Moon Boondocking

Silver Creek West Access Campground

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Address Management
Picabo, Idaho
GPS: 43.325427,-114.10478
Elevation: 4847′
Fish and Wildlife
The road in is Gravel and 0.5mi miles from a paved road. Silver Creek West Access Campground is open year-round. There are 1-5 campsites at this Craters Of The Moon boondocking location. You may stay 10 days in 30 at Silver Creek West Access Campground.

Best Review:

The coordinates are incorrect. Luckily there are signs for “public access” when you turn onto the road. GPS takes you only to the turnoff. You have to drive about 1 to 2 miles on the gravel road and follow the public access sign. We were here a few years ago and loved it. Still quiet and peaceful and plenty of room to bring our 35’ Class A pulling our Jeep. We get 3 bars or LTE on ATT.

Activities: Amenities
Wildlife Viewing
Near Water


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