Weaver Bend Boondocking

Weaver Bend Boondocking

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Address Management
Del Rio, Tennessee
GPS: 35.941446, -82.929593
Elevation: 1237′
Forest Service
Weaver Bend Boondocking is open year round. There are 1-5 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 25 feet. You may stay 14 days at Weaver Bend.

Best Review:

These campsites at Weaver Bend Boondocking areas are legit. I’m not a very experienced camper but I thoroughly enjoyed this spot. The directions are super easy to follow. At first I wasted ALOT of time trying to understand the written directions others had written. Not sure if don’t use google maps or what….cause if you just type Weavers Bend, Del Rio, Tennessee , it takes you right to it.

The road you turn off to  for the Weaver Bend Boondocking sites is all gravel and well maintained. It did have some low spots that we bottomed out in but we got through it just fine. (We drove up here in a 15 Camry loaded down like the Griswalds) The gravel road to the campsites is worth the drive in itself. It hugs the side of the mountain with no guard rails, so fun. It’s a few miles back, basically all the way to the end. (U can’t get lost) The designated spots have a small tent sign and are pretty easy to spot.

Activities: Amenities
Tent Camping
Wildlife Viewing
Near Water


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