Hi! I’m Laurel Rodgers!

I was brought up in a different world in a different time.

My dad was an Aero-Space Engineer and as such, we moved around frequently, like a military family. I loved that because I got a fresh new start each time we moved. At one point we got to live in Brigham City, Utah when I was 8-12. This is where my father instilled in me, a love of nature, fishing, hiking, camping, and cooking.

I raised two strong sons by myself. When they moved out, I met my second husband. I had been the owner of a print shop in Beaumont, Texas for 20 years. John had grown up a rice farmer in Arkansas. For some strange reason, we just meshed. We married in 1999, started blogging together, and have literally not left each other’s side for over 25 years.


In 2014 we sold everything, packed up and started traveling the world, seeing over 150 countries. We did that until Covid hit and I needed a hip replacement. We both still had ‘itchy feet’ and needed to travel, this time we chose the U.S. We set ourselves up in a 4wd vehicle, installed a roof-top-tent with a kitchen unit in the back and a 270° tent/awning setup.


Laurel Working                    Laurel Cooking


This is where my love of cooking caught up with me. I had remembered how food always tasted better while camping. Whether it’s the fresh air, the sounds of nature, or just being around people you love — it’s really hard to beat.

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